Our Beliefs

There are many questions you may have about church beliefs, practices, teachings, and the like. We want to provide you with some of those answers here!

Can you tell me about Baptism?

For a guide to understanding what we believe and teach regarding infant baptism, please click here.

Can you tell me about The Lord’s Supper/Communion?

For a guide to understanding what we believe and teach regarding The Lord’s Supper/Communion, please click here.

What if I want to get married at Peace or by one of the pastors?

For information where we will answer all (hopefully) of your questions regarding wedding planning, please click here.

Can you help me understand how a funeral works at Peace?

We understand that this is an important time for anyone, and to read our guide to understanding funerals, please click here.

frequently asked questions

I have mobility issues. Can I come to your church?

If you have difficulty with stairs, we have a lift that will take you to all three levels of our facility as well as to the parking lot. We have handicap parking along the east wall and part of the south wall. We also have a drop off area adjacent to the back door, for those with mobility issues, or for families with children to make it easier to load/unload.

You just mentioned children and families, are my children welcome at church?

Of course! We love and encourage having children in worship and so we have a children’s chat as part of each service and activity bags with quiet toys hanging on the back pews. If you have an infant that you need to feed or settle, we have a ‘quiet room’ at the back of the narthex. (it doubles as our library). If you have a lively toddler that needs a little play time, we have a nursery room located at the far end of the fellowship hall downstairs. We have change tables in the women’s washroom on the main floor, and on the lower level.

What can I expect during service?

In the worship life at Peace we use a variety of resources from past to present. We love the old hymns of our Lutheran heritage but at the same time are committed to singing the songs of the Church today. We are not afraid to learn new songs and promote and encourage the use of songs that have been written by members of our Church. We also are not afraid to sing songs that have developed in other cultures. This reminds us of our global responsibilities. Songs for worship are picked based on their theological content and relevance to the theme for the service as well as their ‘singability.’ We also encourage musicians of all ages to use their talents and skills in the worship life of the church. We strive to make worship relevant and engaging for all ages.