A Truly Black Friday

What it is: P*rnHub is joining the Black Friday frenzy by offering “LifePlan,” a discounted lifetime membership to their 125,000 hours of hardcore content for $299.

Why it’s normalizing: The site introduced the deal with an absurd commercial depicting couples both young and old drawn together by their mutual love of p*rn. In their words, p*rn is “a partner you can always count on.” Gone are the days when hardcore content was hidden in the darkroom of a slimy video store; now it’s promoted on mainstream media like a Wal-Mart blue light special. No big deal. But it is a big deal. P*rn causes sexual dysfunction, destroys intimacy, fuels the sex trafficking industry, and conditions viewers to see women as sexual objects to use as pleased. It’s important for parents to counter the conversation culture is having with kids about p*rn. Help them see it for what it really is: a dehumanizing product that truly can haunt them for life. (The Culture Translator is a weekly newsletter by Axis dedicated to helping parents navigate today’s culture and connect with teens through meaningful conversations that last a life time.)