Confirmation: Still Bringing the Faithful Together

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May 26, 2019, Peace Lutheran Church – Winnipeg. Was Confirmation Sunday. There were 8 young people dressed in white robes. They have been studying the catechism and Holy Scriptures, once a week from September to May, for the past 2 years. It was time for them to make their public confession. One of them, Aaron, is from a sister congregation, Grace Lutheran Church in Beausejour, MB (about 50 minutes east of Winnipeg). Aaron was part of the 2 year confirmation class at Peace. His parents thought it was important that he get to know other Christian young people and asked if he could take instruction every week in Winnipeg. One of Aaron’s Grandfathers, Norm Lutomske, made that happen and him in---45 minutes every week! Don’t you just love Grandparents! The son of Grace was confirmed at his own Church on Sunday, May 19, by Pastor Ward I. Yunker. But Aaron also wanted to be with his classmates for their big day at Peace. He made some really good Christian friends during his 2 years in confirmation classes. Thank you Mom and Dad and Grandparents for seeing the value not only of Christian education, but also Christian community and friendship!

So on Sunday, May 26, Aaron and his parents and both sets of grandparents came to Peace for the big day. On that Sunday, Art Linke, Aaron’s other Grandfather from Beausejour, came up to the Altar to receive the Body and Blood of his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Standing next to him was Herb Kern, a member of Peace. Get this: Art and Herb were confirmed together 71 years ago, back in 1948, in German, by Pastor Moertelmeyer. How cool is that!

Now we know that it is Jesus Christ, His Spirit, working through the Word and Sacrament, which ultimately brings God's faithful children together. This is for sure. But some of these old traditions and methods, such as confirmation, that we still use today, certainly do help. Here a though: Can you imagine, seated at the marriage feast of the Lamb of God in heaven? Maybe someone from your confirmation class? After all, isn't that what confirmation is all about---being faithful unto death. With God's help, and only with God's help, we know that we can be.