Mom's Group

The intent of Mom's Group is multi-pronged. Bible Study is an important aspect and has been guided by resources such as the Rob Bell Nooma video series, various book studies. Over the years our group has expanded to include Moms of children in various different stages of life (newborns, toddlers, preschool, full days in school, and university). Our studies are set up so that any Mom can join at any point of the year and still participate in all discussions.


 Children are welcome and, with the other children can spend an hour socializing, playing, or watching videos.


Mom's Group also offers the opportunity to build and enjoy friendships and socialize informally during the snack portions of our mornings. We host two potlucks a year, one to celebrate Christmas together, as well as a wind up at McIvor Park in June.

Mom's Group next meeting will be on Tues., Sept. 21 @ 9:30am.