Consideration to Sponsor a Refugee Family

As requested, at the last voters' meeting in late February your Refugee Sponsorship Committee put forward options that we as a church might pursue with refugee sponsorship since the Befre family is no longer able to be sponsored at this point. 

Three options were put forward:

  1. Choose to do nothing more at this point.
  2. Choose to sponsor another family chosen by CLWR.
  3. Choose to sponsor another family that Selam Ghebreyohannes, our original contact, asked us to help.

It was decided by voters present that we should proceed with a sponsorship of the family that had been proposed to us a couple of years ago. We will do this in conjunction with Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR).

Tiblets Gebreyesus Gebreslassie is Selam's first cousin, she is married and has two young daughters.

  • Tiblets Gebreslassie (age 35)
  • Husband is Medhane Alazar (age 45)
  • Daughters
  • Rahel DOB (age 3, turns 4 this Fall)
  • Eldana DOB (age 2)

You can read their story as written by Tiblets by clicking here

You the members of Peace have voted to proceed with sponsoring this family. This will take some time as you know and we will provide you with updates and more information as we receive it. 

As of now, we are awaiting documents that will be reviewed by CLWR to ensure the family is eligible to be sponsored as refugees. This may take a month or two. Once that is determined we can proceed with the settlement plan and with fundraising. We will keep you posted!

In order to be successful we need to know that those of you who were on board continue to be on board. If you are not, please contact Judy Fraser or any other member of the committee. The committee members are Lea Grant, Shari Cosentino, Angie Hirsch, Fran Hurlburt, and Erica Minarik.