Prayer Updates

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My niece, Candice Gordon, finished her radiation treatment and if it did work (only a 1% chance it will), then she will starts on an experimental drug sometime in September.

Thanks be to God, as He has given her time to see her son graduate (something she desperately wanted to see), and the pain has eased off some and she has enjoyed her summer up at the cottage with her family. God willing, He will add years to her life.

Thank you for the continued prayers.

Diana & Jim McEachern


First of all 'thank you' for including my mother in the congregations’ prayers. A quick update.  Although the dementia continues mom shows improvement in understanding conversation and attempts to participate (she has difficulty speaking). Also, one of the medications she was given for aggression has been eliminated.  The aggression is manageable without the meds.

We are thankful to our Heavenly Father for these positive changes in her life.

Again, thank you for your prayers!!

Gary Baron

Katherine Hoffman is still fighting her cancer.

Karen Pokrant

Please continue to pray for Doug Harvey and Bill Robertson (cancer for both).  Doug has had a spot in his back that is being monitored which may have metastasized from his original prostate cancer.  Bill is trying an immunology treatment and it is his last option as the chemo treatments reduce his hemoglobin levels too much.  Next step will be palliative care.

Dave Kolson is home and slowly gaining strength.  He is under the care of a liver specialist and is on medication they will review every 3 months or so.  He is waiting for his cardiologist appointment to find out what will be done for his aortic aneurysm.  These medical concerns have delayed his knee replacement surgery which was scheduled for the end of August.

Val Kolson

Peter Carnegie is still on trial drugs that seem to be working!  He was diagnosed 2 years ago and prognosis was about 6 months.  He decided he had nothing to lose, so agreed to be on trial drugs and has already lived 1 1/2 years longer than expected.  Prayers work!  

Evelyn Moller is still holding on, but cancer is spreading.  Prognosis is not good, so please ask for more prayers.

The good news is 8 year old Megan Wagner has been declared cancer free!  They removed about 16 inches of her leg and she now is learning to walk with a prosthesis.  9 months of chemo & surgeries & heartfelt prayers worked!  Praise God.

Val Betker

Linda Kapitany, after undergoing lung cancer surgery is now cancer free.  Praise the Lord and Peace Lutheran for their support and prayers.

Gloria Wells, is under surveillance.  Being a diabetic, she fights feet infections repeatedly and faces partial toe amputations. 

Coby Rink