Dear Friends of LAMP,

On this inaugural National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, set aside for both reflection and action, LAMP contemplates, and prays, in regards to our own vital role in bringing reconciliation and healing in Jesus Christ, especially to those who were harmed through residential schools in Canada.

We are committed in our resolve to protect the vulnerable and advocate for the marginalized when the truths of evil have been revealed. We consider it a sacred trust being given the honor to serve the Indigenous people who continue to invite us to participate in the life of their communities. We take this responsibility very seriously and are diligent in ensuring that the families of these communities are served and cared for, with the proper safety measures in place, and in a relationship that is built upon mutual respect and love. We also find ourselves in the unique role of being able to provide that which is in such scarce supply, not only in the most remote locations, but around the world — and that is hope and peace and forgiveness that comes only from Christ.

It is our continued mission then, through the Word of God, to make whole what has been broken, to bring healing even to the deepest of wounds, to bring the light of Christ even into the darkest reaches of the world. Each and every one of our volunteers and missionaries are salt and light and a healing balm, serving as ambassadors of Christ, as they are sent to be bearers of the truth of the Gospel, which alone can bring God’s eternal reconciliation.

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Steven Schave
Executive Director