Peace Lutheran Church | Prayer Updates

Articles containing sensitive or personal information such as Prayer Updates, event reports, mission reports, etc. are not meant for public viewing. Therefore they are not posted on our website or social media. They are meant for members who subscribe to this email service. Thank you for your discretion.

In Our Prayers

Adam and Amanda McDermid are expecting the birth of their second child. 

We also know that there are others who want to have children and have not been able to so we ask that you continue to pray for that.  God knows who they are. Please keep praying for the very young in our congregation, those still in the womb and those already out. We heard over and over again in the Gospel readings how valuable children are. What a precious gift. What a huge responsibility. Please continue to pray for those still looking for work that is suitable for them.

For Truth and Freedom

Please pray for truth and freedom.  God’s Word/truth tells us people are of infinite value to Him. Therefore we should not pre-meditatively, willfully, maliciously take the life of another human being. There are still people in this world that don’t know that truth and certainly do not live by it. Thus, the senseless massacre at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. We have been given freedom in Christ to live above the hate-fueled lies of this world and to proclaim the truth of God’s love. In recent times there have been a number of shootings at places, and during times, of worship. It seems nothing is sacred. Not life, not worship, not values, not God. These are becoming more and more the predominant views of the world in which we live. When God is kicked out of the society, all hell breaks loose. And this is all the more reason why we cannot give in to the fear and the hate, but continue our good tradition of coming together to worship and speaking and learning the truth so that our own beliefs are not reshaped by the lies of the world, but bolstered by the truth of God’s Word. Then we can help others to know the truth so that it can set them free as well.  “If the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed!” Please pray for those who have lost loved ones in these senseless tragedies and please pray for our society and our world, that God’s will would be done.

The Sick Among Us and their Caregivers

Jeff Cosentino has recovered from a stroke and is doing well.  Praise be to God!

Ron Flatt is recovering from surgery, the last leg, we pray, of his journey with cancer.  We ask God to help him regain his strength, eat and function more normally. Bev is his primary caregiver.

Marlene Omichinski is starting a new round of chemo therapy. We pray that this treatment does not make her too sick, and keeps the cancer at bay. Niece Lyla Ready is her primary caregiver.

Jacki Bezemer is getting weaker and receiving palliative care. She goes for dialysis Monday and Thursday mornings. We pray that each day is a good day for Jacki. Allan is her primary caregiver.

Dorothy Stubel will be going for an MRI in the near future. We pray that the results are favorable. Bill is her primary caregiver.

Cliff Kolson his ALS is progressing, making mornings especially difficult. Please continue to pray for Cliff’s well-being. We take for granted simple little movements, but for Cliff they are difficult. We pray that each day is a good day for him. Val is his primary caregiver.

Marlene Klein has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Please prayer for her health and that any treatment she receives will help her to function as best she is able. Dieter will be retiring at the end of the year. He is her primary caregiver.

Please also pray for all those caregivers. There are many who are taking care of loved ones and it can be difficult and it can be hard. We pray that God gives them the strength to do His will.

Other Prayer Updates

Les Mauthe’s mom, Doreen is experiencing health issues and we pray that the tests reveal that it is not too serious. Kris Elgison’s (Les & Diane’s son-in-law) father’s cancer is back, tumor in the area of the inner ear, and causing serious problems. Pray that they find a way to treat that. Shirley Dandeneau (Diane’s sister-in-law) has recovered from her bout with cancer, but it has left her with some long term disability. She wants everyone to know that she is very grateful for our prayers on her behalf.

Stephen Chapman & his family, Stephen's younger brother suddenly passed away last week. Please pray for the Chapman family and community of Sachigo Lake in this time of mourning.