Treasurer's Report - Did You Know?

  • Did you know our total budget for 2018 is $332,760 (or $27,730/month)?
  • Did you know we have spent (to the end of Sept. ¾ of the year) $237,423?
  • Did you know we have received (to the end of Sept. ¾ of the year) $219,867 towards that budget, to help get us to where we want to be by the end of the year? (that is $17,556 below where we need to be).
  • Did you know that we have sent $10,400 to heat and cool this place so far this year (we are under budget)?
  • Did you know that we spent $23,250 to the LCC for the support of street ministry in Regina and Thunder Bay, mission work in Nicaragua and Ukraine, and to the Seminaries to help train pastors (on budget)?
  • Did you know that we have spent $10,613 to keep our church clean and maintained? (also under budget)
  • Did you know that we held a very vibrant VBS of our own, 75 children, most who were not from our church that cost $2,417, thanks to your offerings?
  • Did you know we have spent $2828 on our Christian Education ministry to children, youth, and adults (material only)?
  • There were also some out of budget expenses that we had designated funds for (money given for that specific use, and we used it!). Examples: The outside of the church was painted for $10,900. We sent (and fed) 25 missionaries, 25! Up to two northern communities to run kids camps for children who otherwise would not have those opportunities for the cost of $15,833.
  • Most importantly, where most of our offerings go, to the support of our Pastors. We have the Word of God taught to us be our Pastors, who not only prepare and preach and teach for our weekly services and lead us in worship and study, but also visit us when we are sick, counsel us when we are troubled, announce God’s forgiveness when we have sinned, guide us and motivate us to do good works that are well pleasing to God. Good works like caring for each other, reaching out to those who do not know God, teaching us the faith, and encouraging us in our Christian walk and witness. Pastors who lead us in the Great Commission of making disciples for Jesus by baptizing and teaching them what God has commanded.

Please prayerfully consider if there is anything you can do to help us meet our budget, so that we may continue to support our congregation needs and be a light in our community.

Thank You,

Debbie Swistun

Peace Lutheran Church Treasurer